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Is Leasing a New Nissan Right For You?

If you've been eyeing that new Nissan Rogue, but you're hesitant to buy, then leasing might be the right choice for you.

What's the difference between buying and leasing?

When you buy a new vehicle, it becomes yours. When you lease a vehicle, you borrow it and eventually have to bring it back after a few years unless you fall in love with it and decide to buy it when your lease is up.

What do I get out of leasing?

You get to enjoy all the benefits of driving a brand new Nissan every few years. This means that you get to stay up to date on safety and technology features. Plus, you'll get to savor even more of that new-car smell.

Is leasing less expensive than buying?

When it comes to buying vs. leasing, leasing is almost always cheaper. Your initial and monthly payments will be lower and you'll only have to pay back the depreciation throughout the duration of the lease. In addition to that, service and maintenance fees are covered by warranty.

If leasing a brand new Nissan sounds appealing, come visit us at our dealership in Sumter, SC to speak with an auto finance expert today!


Is Leasing a New Nissan Right For You? - Nissan of Sumter

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