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When you purchase a Nissan vehicle here at our dealership, you can take advantage of Nissan Lifetime Powertrain Protection, which can help you save on maintenance and enjoy some added peace of mind during your ownership experience. So, what does Nissan Lifetime Powertrain Protection do for you? Essentially, it helps you dodge certain service costs by covering a set of powertrain components so that if a covered part fails, it's easier for you to get your car back up and running at full strength.

Items Covered by Nissan Lifetime Powertrain Protection

Nissan Lifetime Powertrain Protection offers coverage for the items that Nissan designates as powertrain components per original warranty documents. Below are a few examples of powertrain components that Lifetime Powertrain Protection can cover.

Drive Axle

Shafts and Bearings, Propeller Shafts, C.V and Universal Joints and more

Transmission and Transfer Case

Gear cases and housing (if damaged by mechanical failure of internally lubricated parts), Vacuum modulator valve, Torque converter, And more


Heads and intake/exhaust manifolds (if damaged due to mechanical failure of internally lubricated parts), Water pump, Thermostat and thermostat housing, Engine block, And more

Find out more about the details surrounding Lifetime Powertrain Protection when you connect with our team. We can supply you with more information and help you learn more about how you can benefit from powertrain coverage when you buy your next ride at our dealership. The information on this page is a general outline, and we look forward to going into more detail with you. If you have any other questions about Nissan Lifetime Powertrain Protection or getting started on your next Nissan adventure, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'll be happy to help!

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